New Brighton Area Recreation Commission

610 Third Avenue

New Brighton, PA  15066

(724) 846-1870

Don Mittner


Nick Henry


Nicole Oliver

Treasurer /

Recreation Coordinator

Board Officers

By an intergovernmental agreement dated December 1, 2002 and adopted by Ordinance or Resolution by four communities and School District, the New Brighton Area Recreation Commission (NBARC) was formed.  The five governmental members of the NBARC are the New Brighton Area School District, the Borough of New Brighton, the Township of Daugherty, Township of Pulaski, and the Borough of Fallston.

A nine-member board is appointed by the governing bodies to serve on the Commission. The first monthly meeting of the NBARC was held on April 7, 2003.


The purpose of the NBARC is to operate playground programs, maintain landscaping at athletic fields, and provide recreation services currently not being met in the community.  The property and facilities utilized are owned, maintained, and insured by the five governmental members.

Annual funding for the NBARC comes from prorated contributions from the five members, activity fees, and donations.

A nine (9) member board is appointed as follows:

School District  (3 members, plus 1 alternate)

New Brighton Borough (2 members, plus 1 alternate)

Daugherty Township (2 members, plus 1 alternate)

Pulaski Township   (1 member, plus 1 alternate)

Fallston Borough  (1 member, plus 1 alternate)

The NBARC holds monthly meetings on the first Monday at 7:00 PM in the New Brighton Borough Municipal Building.  The meetings are advertised and open to the public.

The NBARC has two employees, a part time recreation coordinator and an assistant coordinator, who work out of the New Brighton Borough Municipal Building.